The 2nd International Conference on New Media Development and Modernized Education (NMDME 2022)
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2021 International Conference on New Media Development and Modernized Education(NMDME 2021) 

came to a successful conclusion

 2021 International Conference on New Media Development and Modernized Education(NMDME 2021) was held  in Zhengzhou on October 23, 2021. Thanks to the support of experts and scholars!


group photo

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Keynote Speakers 1 : Prof. Holger Briel

Speech Title:Teaching the virus a lesson: Things that work and things that don't in Online Education

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Keynote Speakers 2 :  Prof. Feng Wu 

Speech Title:Research on the Development Status and Cognitive Effect of Artificial Intelligence Anchor

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Keynote Speakers 3: A. Prof. Jesse Owen Hearns-Branaman

Speech Title:Comparing Journalistic Professionalism in China, Thailand, USA, and UK

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Keynote Speakers 4: Prof. Fei Wu 

Speech Title: The Trend of Media Diplomacy in the Game of Great Powers under Geopolitics

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Keynote Speakers 5: Prof. Jianping Ni 

Speech Title:US Educational Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the Implications of Cultural Diplomacy in China: The Case Study of the US-China Education Trust(USCET)


Oral Speakers 1:Xiaonan Wang

Speech Tittle:Research on C-STEAM Teaching Practice based on Gulangyu, a World cultural Heritage


Oral Speakers 2:Weidong Zhang 

Speech Tittle:A two-stage underwater image enhancement method


Oral Speakers 3: Zaifeng Song

Speech Tittle:Development strategy of creative talents in Shenzhen film production industry based on 3T theory


Oral Speakers 4:Jingwei Piao

Speech Tittle:The Anglo-American, Chinese, and global perspectives of investigative journalism

The scene of live

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Discipline construction experience exchange, strong academic atmosphere