2022 3rd IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Design (IEEE-ICID 2022)
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2022 3rd IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Design(IEEE-ICID 2022)accepts original and unpublished papers of theory and practice, new technology and new method in intelligent design of electromechanical, industry, environment and architecture. The papers may include but are not limited to:


1. Intelligent Electromechanical Design / 智能机电设计

机电智控系统设计 / Design of Electromechanical Intelligent Control System

数字化设计与分析 / Digital Design and Analysis

智能制造系统集成 / Intelligent Manufacturing System Integration

机电智能化应用及制造工艺装备 / Intelligent Electromechanical Application and Manufacturing Process Equipment

微/纳米系统技术 / Micro / Nano Systems Technology

数字化精密制造技术 / Digital Precision Manufacturing Technology

机电一体化技术 / Electromechanical Integration Technology

先进的成型制造设备 / Advanced Forming and Manufacturing Equipment

自动化和控制系统 / Automation and Control Systems

NEMS/MEMS技术与设备 / NEMS / MEMS Technology and Equipment

高速/精密加工检测技术 / High Speed / Precision Machining Detection Technology

微机电系统 / MEMS ( Micro Electro Mechanical System )

传感器与测试技术 / Sensor and Testing Technology

机床电气控制技术 / Electrical Control Technology for Machine Tools

机床控制系统运行与维护 / Machine Control System Operation and Maintenance

机电一体化设备管理 / Electromechanical Integration Equipment Management                  

造型与设计 / Modeling and Design

激光技术和激光加工 / Laser Technology and Laser Processing

振动和噪音控制 / Vibration and Noise Control              

微米/纳米机电一体化 / Micron / Nano Mechatronics

汽车和运输系统 / Automobile and Transportation Systems

传感器和执行器,触觉和网络 / Sensors and Actuators, Haptic and Networking

机电一体化系统中的故障检测和诊断 / Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Mechatronics Systems

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2. Intelligent Industrial Design / 智能工业设计

工业产品数字化设计 / Digital Design of Industrial Products 

产品设计及智能模型制作 / Product Design and Intelligent Model Making

计算机辅助工业设计系统 / Computer Aided Industrial Design System

产品形态与造型设计研究 / Research on Product Form and Shape Design

智能化工业设计系统及技术应用 / Intelligent Industrial Design System and Technical Application

人机系统研究 / Man-machine System Research

文化创意产品设计研究 / Research on Cultural Creative Product Design

人机系统研究 / Man-machine System Research

系统和自动化 / Systems and Automation                  

智能产品设计 / Intelligent Product Design

网络与系统集成 / Network and System Integration

计算机控制系统 / Computer-control System

自动测试与故障诊断 / Automatic Testing and Troubleshooting

通信工程设计 / Telecomunication Engineering Design

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3. Intelligent Environmental Design / 智能环境设计

环境工程设计 / Environmental Engineering Design

地区及城市集群规划设计 / Regional and Urban Cluster Planning and Design

城市智能系统 / Urban Intelligent System

智能交通 / ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)

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4. Intelligent Architectural Design / 智能建筑设计

智能化园区 / Intelligent Park

绿色建筑工程 / Environmentally-friendly Building Engineering

智能室内设计 / Intelligent Interior Design

智能化家居及设备 / Intelligent Home and Equipment

安防系统设计 / Security System Design

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5. Digital Design / 数字化设计

数字化产品建模 / Digital Product Modeling

数字化设计系统 / Digital Design System

数字化产品性能分析技术 / Digital Product Performance Analysis Technology

计算结辅助装配设计 / Computer-aided Assembly Design

产品开发的KBE技术 / KBE Technology for Product Development

虚拟产品创新设计自动化 / Innovation Design Automation for Virtual Product 

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6. Computer Technology / 计算机技术

人工智能 / Artificial Intelligence

虚拟现实与人机交互 / Virtual Reality and Human-computer Interaction

计算机动画 / Computer Animation

软件工程 / Software Engineering

计算机建模 / Computer Modeling

数据模型与方法 / Data Model and Method

大数据搜索与信息检索技术 / Big Data Search and Information Retrieval Technology

智能信息融合 / Intelligent information fusion

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7. Innovative Design / 创新设计

创新技术设计 / innovative Technology Design

可持续设计 / Sustainable Design

虚拟设计 / Virtual Design

新媒体设计 / New Media Design

多学科融合设计 / Multidisciplinary design

动画设计 / Animation Design

数字媒体 / Digital Media Art

视觉传媒设计 / Visual Media Design

数字设计分析 / Digital Design Analysis

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